This is another ancient Indian game which was played during the Ramayana and the Mahabharata times. This game was played amongst the kings, betting their wealth and kingdoms. Passa is played with 2 dice. Both the dice are rectangular in shape having 1, 3, 4, & 6 only – there are no 2 & 5. There will be two players who will be rolling the dice one after another - both dices are rolled together. Before rolling the dice the players put bets in front of them saying “hare” (loosing)” - combination or “jeetae” (winning) - combination”. The player who is saying “hare” is betting against the player who is saying “jeetae”. The confirmation of the betting is done by mutual understanding as to who is betting against whom and following the determination of the bet the dealer allows the player to roll the dice. The person who is rolling the dice will win on a combination of two 4’s or two 6’s and lose on two 1’s or two 3’s. The remaining players who have said “hare” will win on combination of two 1’s or two 3’s, whereas the players who have said “jeetae” will win on two 4’s or two 6’s. Whoever wins in the game pays the house commission.