Paplu / Rummy is an Indian game which is played with 3 decks of playing cards plus 3 jokers. This game is played with 6 players, each player will get 21 cards. After dealing the cards, from the remaining cards - the player who is the dealer will open one card which will be a joker and all the same face value cards will also be jokers. One card below the joker and one card above the joker (of the same suit) will also be jokers. These particular cards having point values will be gained by the player who is holding them. These points will be paid by the other players. In this game the players have to make sets of different types, and the cards which they cannot put in sets will be counted as points depending on the face value of the card. This intern is paid to the player who has declared the game by the remaining players. The player who has declared the game pays the house commission.