i loved it!!!!!! big up Phil Sanders!!!! WHAT A BLOKE

Nathan Clarke

wait guys we are comming to rock

sam sheer

If you want to search heaven it is only here. every body should try it atleast once

Abhishek Sharma

Jaydev Mody (Director, Highstreet Cruises and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd/ Casino Royale Goa) hats off to you. Its a fantastic place for entertainment and gaming with family

Huma Farooqui

I went to casino 6 to 8 times. Every time i had a good experience specially in POKER ROOM. THANKS,,,,,,,

Harsh Raval

its awesome

kishore kumar

really fantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssstic........ moments ...

Vivek Maloo

When i came 1st time i dont know how much enjoyment is waiting for me......it was superb time in CR specially in TEXAS......i'll be thr soon...... CR ROCKS

Pinkesh Veerwani

The Place in Goa to enjoy :)I have been there so many times and every time we go we make a new memory its a beautiful place with great hospitality you feel like you are a KING :) be there too have some great fun :) Regards Gaurav Goenka

Gaurav Goenka

A awesome place to visit, I had been there many times and enjoy a lot. In filmy words " jannat hai yahan........."

Abhishek Shah

Want to say just .... WOWWWWWW............

Dhanajay deokar


mitesh chuhan

Waiting to come again............

Manu Khandelwal

I and my friend enjoyed the new year in casino Royale on 31st dec 2010 night we start the new year-2011 with smiling and good entertainment its amazing.My first time gambling experience..Staffs all very much soft good services..keep it up casino royale..

A.Vijay anand

Amazing Experience....went with wife on Christmas Eve.. had the best enjoyment of life....superbly maintained with most amiable and wonderful staffs!!!

Rajesh Krishnasamy

Went to Casino Royale on 25th Dec 2010 for the first time.... was just amazing experience... brilliantly maintained... perfect place to be with entire family....had great gambling experience too:))Looking forward to be there again!!!!

Basabi Chatterjee

amazing experiance........................

Hemanshu Chokhani

Simply amazing experience, atleast you cant find anywhere else in India. Its a blend of western n Indian hospitility. Loved being there and more often will go there.

Chandan kumar

It was mindblowing place n staff's r very cool


really fantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssstic........ movments ...

Dundu Kalluri

i visit casino roya 4to5 times a month it is just amazing,for sure the best .....keep it up

dheeraj dhaka

“Love life and life will love you back. Love people and they will love you back in the same way love casino Royale and casino Royale will love you.



abhay jain

nice place to enjoyyyyyyyyy....really amazing and awesome

manu manoj

I regularlly visit goa, but this time it happens that i went to Casino Royal, and actually its a very nice place, it felt to me that i am in Las Vegas. Place is very well established and maintained, and therefore, I want to thank the whole team. It was an excellent experience.

Nikhil Kumar


malatesh h

Awesome.... mind blowing experience..!!!!!!!:)

Manoj Kotian

itz very very awesume out there

natasha falcao


ramesh s

it nce 2 be knw of such wnderful plce

tovi yepz

no words to say

niharika varma nikita

Casino Royale is very good experience, i have being to so many casino around the world but some how i feel casino royale is really a fantastic place to gamble and enjoy with family .. I waiting for next turn to casino royale. cheers

sriram s

its v.v.very superrrrrrrrr

vijay kalwani

Good One :)

Anto P

thank you

kunal chimnalal pandya

The best place on earth. I Just love this place. Whenever i plan for a holiday ................ casino royale is the only place comes to my mind...

Abhishek kothari


vishal mehta


jeminikumar alapati

its very super

dinesh rathod

Love 2 visit again this amazing casino ....... :D

Akhil Sharma



Its very super

anuj chauhan


amit lokwani

Casino Royale is the Pioneer to get Texas Poker in the Country, highly skilled and Professional Staff like Craig, Imran and LLoyd. Make you feel comfortable and rejoiced. Keep up the great work guys. It makes us feel proud to have such a facility in our country. Thank you Casino Royale.

Amin Rozani

It'sssssssssssssssssssss reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fantastic "itzzzzzzzz like heaven"

Twinkle lalchandani

I have always loved GOA for their BEACHES now i have 1 more reason ...... CASINO ROYALE it R.O.C.K.S

Girish Shetty

Last I visited was in 2009 for the new year festival with my friends... had a blast winning in Blackjack, hearing to great numbers played up on the roof, njoying the great hospitality... It completes ur trip to Goa, makes u feel like ur in paradise...

Latif Pattani

its exellent & my wish am visit casino royale whn nxt time a coming

Gaurav Bansal

It's Fantastic...........


Its really wonderful ,a rush free environment dates change very soon you enter into the ship.,I enjoyed it the most there was a very decent crowd too..

Srinideep Mandada

Unmatchable experience in all ways.. ambeiance, food, Location, service....etc. Worth spending or I must say loosing here....


its a pleaure to visit Casino-Royale ...

kk singh


sudhindra kiran

Its was very good place to play in a relaxed manner not in a hurry like in macau, les vegas. Very classy people visiting here and I love visiting here. But only problem is Casino Royale should provide Hotel accomudation with the casino place itself. like some people coming for play to casino only, they do not like to go wher else. thanks.

Raswanth Appu

Casino Royale means fun, excitement, thrilling, sumptuous, relaxing to me. Had been there on a package with Taj by Vivanta. Jenifer was of a great help. wanting to go again in a month's time....

Raja Ravi Balaraju

Please do not try any other casino but the CASINO ROYALE!! Gr8 feel and amazing staff...cheers to SONIYA :) !


its like heaven

mihir shah


kamlesh mankar

i came here 4-5 times and its my great experience of service to playing.thanx cassino royale to be the pride of goa

tapanraj singh rawat

really love it.....

narendra babu mandalapu

I love to visit Goa in December 2010.

Sanjay Joshi

If you are visiting Goa and you are not visiting Casino Royale you are missing the real fun. I have visited Casino Royale 6 times in the last two years and have really enjoyed myself. The ambience, hospitality, and the beauty is just too good. The food is excellent and casino games are exciting. At the end of the day everybody is a winner.....

Syed Nadeem

man o man, m just excited to be in here. its been more than 2 yrs now i 'd been in a casino. have started my countdown to b thr in 2 weeks!!!!!! hurrayyyyyy

Ganesh ram

GOA is a gr8 treat at ne tym.... lukin frwd to visit ur plc wen in der next tym...

bindiya punjabi

CRG is a truly wonderful xperience people visitin here know dat thier trip to goa is just incomplete widout visiting casino royale,good food great ambience n hospitality.great fun.A MUST VISIT FOR ME.

sanju chabbra

i were in the goa last week to play casino in casino royale n i won lot of bucks wow i like to go there again n again.

kingsongliliu ng

cant wait to get there and start raking the pots ... See you guys in a few months

Anosh Patel

I Loved being there..... I was out of dis world. We entered around ten and came out around half pass five... so much time passed by , d whole night and .... i had no clue.. sleep never came close , lost d watch count.. It was such fun. I will surely visit goa again and that to only for you Can never forget NO MORE BETS THANK YOU!

Monita Chatrath

Casino Royal! By far the best CASINO in GOA in terms of Hospitable staff and the facilities they have on offer with variety of gaming tables. It offers the Best Poker experiance with higly trained staff.

Kevin Neves

CASINO ROYALE.... you can't escape yourself being there while in Goa. ... endless Gaming pleasure along with great hospitality !!! I'M ADDICTED TO IT !

gaurav bharti

If its Goa, then its Casino Royale. The Royale rocks as much as the beaches and the eateries do so. Playing poker there is the best experience one can have. The rakes are a little high but then the gaming experience is excellent.

Bharat Agarwalla

outstanding,amazing,rocking,mind blowing....... all ing words come in my mind when i think of Casino Royale. the best place in india for people who love gambling.I played in most of d casinos in d world, but this 1 gave me a diff exp.

Saurabh Agrawal

Casino Royale makes u feel as though you are in paradise.indra ke kaksha mei.

shashi jain

one of the best casino ambiance in india and guess what its in the middle of a river!

rishabh rastogi

Very nice main yaha aaya tha splitswilla me audition dene aya tha aur me yaha casino royale me he raha tha casino royale is very very very very nice.

Sameer Adwani

Very good experience. Great to have something like this in India.

Geettanjali Punjabee

Amazing hospitality! Our very own floating vegas with a touch of personal courtesy. Loved it. Would visit again.

B. N. Sudindar

I have been regularly visiting casinos in london, holland & france, so we should not expect to compare casino royale with them. However with indian conditions and limitations it’s a very good effort. Keep it up.

R. C. Agarwal

Great experience, good standard. Nice to see something of this sort in goa. Keep it up

Rakhi Thakra

You should publicise the casino. All people don’t know about it. Great job.

Sunil Ramchandani

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